Scallops with pearl onion, cauliflower puree, samphire, horseradish gel and beetroot oil


Scallops are abundant in United Kingdom, in depths around Scotland. The highlight of this shellfish is his flavour and quality. There are two main species: the king scallop that is biggest than the another one, the queen scallop. They’re easy to found all around the UK, fresh or frozen.

In our recipe we’ve used fresh saute scallops with olive oil, salt and pepper. It’s served with grilled pearl onion petals, cauliflower puree, horseradish fluid gel, beetroot oil and boiled shamphire.

Samphire grows along the coast and this is a great accompaniment to fish dishes. This is not a new ingredient but that has been used for centuries. It’s even mentioned by Shakespeare in King Lear: Half-way down Hangs one that gathers samphire; dreadful trade! (Act IV, Scene VI).

Recipe for 4 person

Cauliflower puree:
Cauliflower 200gr
Cream 150 ml
White pepper
Chop the cauliflower in small pieces add the cream and cook in a pan until that is soft. Seasoning with salt and pepper.

Horseradish gel:
Horseradish 15 gr
Milk 150ml
Gelatin leaf 3
Boil the milk, add the grated radish and let it infuse for 3 minutes, add the salt. Put the gelatine in water for 10 minutes and drain. Strain the mix and add the gelatine. Mix well till the gelatine is totally dissolved, cover the surface with clingfilm. Keep in the fridge for 1 hour or long enough until the mix gets firm. Next we will blend it until we get a uniform puree. Keep in a squeeze bottle or a piping bag.

_JDG8704Beetroot oil:
Veg oil 100ml
Beetroot oil 25 gr
Black Pepper
Combine all ingredients and seasoning.

To serve saute scallops, boiled samphire in salty water for a few seconds, grilled pearl onion and warm the cauliflower puree. First place the puree in the plate, then sprinkle the beetroot oil, horseradish fluid gel, scallops, pearl onion and samphire.


Chinchinlab, nitro ice cream

Test tubes, pipettes, thermometers, tweezers and nitrogen tanks are normally found objects in a laboratory but also what we see when arriving at Chinchinlab in London’s Camden Town.helado3
Chinchinlab is the first ice cream shop in Europe that develop ice cream with liquid nitrogen. No additives, dyes, or preservatives in his ice creams. Those are made in less than a minute infront you.
The use of nitrogen make a creamier texture ice cream thanks to temperatures reaching nitrogen (-198 C) let microcrystals in this be smaller.
In Chinchinlab the show stars when adding nitrogen in the blender make the white smoke overflows and minutes later we have our perfect scoop of ice cream.
Among the flavors to choose we have three: vanilla, chocolate and caramel butter toast. Also add the specialty of the week as is the coconut ice cream and kaffir lime or ricotta and cherry.
We can add a variety of topings to accompany it from the honeycomb which is the typical crunchy caramel English as well as sand or dust pistachio and cardamom, hazelnut and chocolate sauce, dulce de leche, blossom salt or raspberry.2helados
We also have the option to enjoy an ice cream sandwich cookies or “warmie” vanilla ice cream with cookies topped with chocolate on chocolate brownie.
In the menu it includes a wide range of hot drinks with coffee, tea and chocolates. We can also buy merchandinsing and topings to take away.
Portions are generous, excellent flavor and velvety texture. Prices range between 4 and 5 £.

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French toast with crunchy bacon and cinnamon foam


Take this just as brunch, breakfast, snack or dessert.

4 servings

For the french toast:

Brioche 500 gr
Cream 200ml
Eggs 4 pcs.
Butter 1 tbsp (tablespoon)
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp sugar
Vanilla 1 tsp (teaspoon)
Cinnamon 1 cs

For the cinnamon foam siphon:
Milk 75 gr
cream 250 gr (35% fat)
Sugar 75g
Cinnamon 25 gr

Other Ingredients:
Maple syrup

First we will cook the bacon, we preheat the oven to 180 degrees, put bacon strips on a baking tray with baking paper and bake for 18-20 minutes until it be crisp.

For the french toast we’ll put in a bowl the cream, eggs, sugar and vanilla. Mix well and place a tray or bowl. Cut the brioche and put to heat a pan with oil and butter. Dip the brioche in the mixture, making sure to get wet on all sides, and immediately go through the pan. Golden brown on all sides.

Cinnamon foam must be prepare at least one hour before the rest of elaborations. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and reserve it in the fridge. At serving time fill the siphon with the mix, put two co2 cartridges, shake it well.


For finished we will plate it up brioche, bacon and cinnamon foam. We can pour some maple syrup that can be substituted for agave syrup or honey.

Strawberries Gazpacho with cucumber and feta

Gazpacho is a nice cold soup ideal for summer time.


For strawberry gazpacho:
Strawberries 250 gr
Tomatoes 250 gr
1/2 clove garlic
Bread 30 gr
Cucumber 50g
Red pepper 25 gr
Olive oil 30 ml
Vinegar 10ml

Mini cucumber 4 pcs.
Strawberries 8 pcs.
Raspberries 8 pcs.
Feta chesse 20 gr
Micro herbs

IMG_0285To prepare the gazpacho leave before the bread soaking with some water. Peel the garlic and remove seeds in the red pepper . Cut tomato, cucumber, peppers, strawberries and garlic in large pieces. Put all the vegetables in a bowl with vinegar and a little bit of salt, let marinate for 30 minutes. Shred all, add the oil, water (the amount depends how thick you prefer) and salt. For finish it strain and refrigerate until serving time.

As a garnish you can use tomatoes, cucumber and croutons diced. We use mini cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries, feta cheese and microherbs.


baoclassicBao or how adapt street food Taiwanese to central London. This small restaurant, located in the central London district of Soho, is always guarded by dozens people hoping to get to taste their specialty: steamed buns stuffed with meat or tofu.

The atmosphere, the relaxed attitude of the staff and the look like Japanese restaurant let immerse into this new experience.
The menu is presented on a small sheet of paper as a shopping list that the staff will give you with a pencil to mark up your meals, drinks as well as several merchandinsing items.
The menu consists of starters or xiao chi among which the scallop, the pig blood cake with egg yolk cured or Eryngii mushrooms with century egg. The main course, which they have some Bao options: classic with grilled pork, confit pork, fried chicken, lamb or vegetarian option with radish (daikon). And like sides they have potato chips with pickled plum ketchup and peanut milk.

Bao also has a drinks menu highlighting its varieties of oolong tea, also known as blue tea, cocktails of Asian flavors and different kinds of sake. For dessert only have a bao, steamed sesame bun stuffed with milk malt icecream fried.

Food prices are affordable, £ 10-15 per person, so it’s worth going over this small restaurant.

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icecreamsecondTsujiri is a small restaurant located in Soho’s neighborhood in London. Tsujiri has been producing Gyokuro tea since 1860 in Kyoto, Japan. Tsujiri, tea specialists, have expanded throughout the world with many shops in Japan, the United States, Australia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, …

Matcha‘s Japanese tea ceremony and how to take it, known as Sado, are the basis of the philosophy of that company. Matcha is green tea from the Ten-cha leaves, rich in fiber and low in calories.ice2

Tsujiri‘s boutiques offers mainly drinks and ice creams whose main ingredient is Matcha tea. Its products range from teas, cappuccinos to ice cream.
In the last visit to the boutique located in the Soho we tried the sundae Tsujiri Matcha, American-style ice cream composed of a layer of crunchy puffed rice, another red bean paste and other green tea ice cream. All accompanied with a ball of Shiratama or glutinous rice, another ball of marron glacé and waffle.

The flavors seem to fit in the Asian taste, I found it curious the presence of red beans and chestnuts flavors. It is remarkable how well they work different textures. I recommend it if you want to try new flavorsT